Life’s Path

I have written ad nauseam about life’s winding and unpredictable path, but want to conclude my thoughts with this hopefully enlightening piece. I have also covered the duplicitous concept of control, which will leave individuals with Sisyphus-like life journeys forever attempting to, and longing for, the culmination of predestination – ultimate control. We must be at peace with the liberation inherent in succumbing to a more intelligent entity with unsurpassed trust in life’s convoluted and intricate plan.

The omniscient God has provided me with a litany of work opportunities to engage in not only fulfilling roles, but exemplary workplaces that recognize excellent productivity and significant contributions. Per my CrystalKnows profile, I exhibit a guarded and skeptical affront, which evaporates through the gradual development of credibility and trust in an individual during interpersonal interactions and relationships.  In the sport of Running and life I was never satisfied with either my results or progress, despite a multitude of significant achievements. I was always striving for continually higher accolades in a subconscious desire to placate the definition and/or personal expectations of others placed upon me. My identity was contrived from others’ assessments, rather than an introspective view of my personal desires. I believe a fulfilling life is comprised of both service to others and  fulfillment of personal desires to enhance personal pleasure with the following quote aptly describing this concept, “You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.” Self-care is paramount to our success, as no progress will occur if we are ailing or too frail to continue our journey with great fervor. Life’s obstacles and setbacks will prove insurmountable, as we begin to concede the pursuit of endeavors aligned with our talents in favor of stagnation to minimize potential setbacks and obstacles while also serving to minimize growth and development in our preconceived interests and talents.

Therefore, I will continue to ardently read, write, and expound upon knowledge gained prior to my existence, as my core personality remains somewhat static, yet I will seek to understand and fulfill my personal needs and desires in future endeavors. My LinkedIn feed is filled with an expected voluminous construct of positivity and encouragement, yet one published author establishes preeminence with regularity. The author, Brigette Hyacinth, focuses primarily on psychology within the workplace, which is a fitting outlet as we spend the majority of our adult lives at work. Brigette stated a universal truth that resonated with my mindset of, rather than a just a juxtaposition of, work and life with an inextricable linkage of the two components as evidenced in practical application:

“Go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.”

I hope she doesn’t mind quotation of her piece, although it may serve to further her brand and upright reputation. I witnessed many individuals stating in the ‘comments’ section of the article that they never were afforded the opportunity to experience a workplace that valued their being and contributions. I challenge others to seek out understanding of their personal purpose, mission, and vision to attain a life that is valued and celebrated instead of criticized, scrutinized, and denounced. We must retain our personality, and character makeup, as the world thrives through revolutionary ideas stemming from disparate thoughts and perspectives. If we are continuously learning and developing in self-awareness, then we will satisfy God’s vision for our life as empathy, compassion, and understanding are tantamount to human connection.

I opine that God will not merely provide the opportunities, yet He will instill the vision to engage in the necessary steps and choices to fulfill His mission. I was blessed with extraordinary communication skills, both verbal and written, which have been either not utilized or underutilized for decades. This reality provides one facet for the rationale of the blog while another significant piece is to serve others through delivering knowledge gained from formal education and informal life experiences. My hope is that my personal journey will aid at least one person in enacting positive change in their life.



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